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    Discover where your deVOTED Paths Meet your Divine Destiny

    Embark on an exhilarating quest to discover where your devoted paths meet your divine destiny. Unlock the best version of yourself with our curated collection of transformative resources. Ignite your career with cutting-edge industry insights, nurture your soul with profound Bible studies, unravel the mysteries of your true calling with our bespoke Destiny Assessment, and amplify your influence through empowering mentorship. These are not just tools; they are beacons to light your path to remarkable growth and leadership that resonates. Begin a life-altering adventure today—elevate your talents, enrich your spirit, and synchronize your life’s work with the noble destiny that awaits you. Brought to you by Ocean’s Edge Ministries in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.


    career path

    Career Learning Track

    Step into a world of opportunities with our career learning resources! Tailored for proactive learners and aspiring professionals, this collection is your gateway to the latest career trends, skill-building exercises, and industry insights. From resume building to mastering the art of networking, find all the tools you need to propel your career forward. Click here and start shaping your professional future today!

    grounded in his word

    Grounded In The Word

    Deepen your spiritual journey with our Bible study learning resources. This treasure trove offers a variety of study guides, historical context, and reflective questions designed to enrich your understanding of Scripture. Whether you’re new to Bible study or seeking to expand your knowledge, these resources are perfect for individual or group study. Click to explore and grow in faith and wisdom!”

    Divine Destiny

    Discover Your Destiny

    Discover your unique purpose with the Divine Destiny Assessment! This personalized resource is crafted to help you identify and embrace your natural gifts, preferences, and passions. It’s more than just an assessment; it’s a journey towards self-discovery and spiritual fulfillment. Click to begin the transformative process of aligning your goals, career path and social impact with your divine destiny.

    OEM mentoring

    Pay It Forward

    Unlock the full potential of your mentoring journey with our comprehensive resource hub! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned mentor, our curated selection of tools, guides, and expert tips is designed to enhance your mentorship skills. Dive into a wealth of knowledge that will empower you to guide, inspire, and support your mentees effectively. Click to explore and elevate your mentoring experience now!